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Audi E Tron has unveiled its latest Concept Car – the E Tron! Check out our review to learn more about this futuristic vehicle.

What Is The Audi E Tron?

The Audi E Tron is an electric concept car designed by Audi. This futuristic vehicle was first introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017.

Design & Features

The E Trons design is inspired by the Audi Sport quattro race cars. Its exterior features a carbon fiber body with a sleek shape. The interior also uses high quality materials such as leather and wood.

Price And Release Date

The E Tron will go into production next year. The price tag is expected to start at $200,000.

What Is The Audi E Tron Concept Car?

The E Tron is a concept car that was first introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2016. It is designed to show how technology will shape the future of driving. The car is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell system, which provides power to the electric motor. The battery pack is located under the floor of the car.


The Audi E Trons design is based on the company’s vision of the future. Its exterior features an LED light strip running along the side of the car. This allows the driver to see the road while also providing a unique lighting effect.

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