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Bugatti is an amazing supercar that has been developed by the famous car designer, Jean Bugatti. It is one of the numerous costly automobiles ever made. This is a very fast car that will give you a great experience when operating it.

This review will tell you everything about this amazing car.

The Bugatti Bolide are known as the quickest exhibition car on the planet. They were first introduced in 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show. These cars are powered by a V12 engine with 8,000 horsepower. The top rate of these cars is additionally than 300 miles per hour.

Bugatti Bolide

What Is The Bugatti Bolide?

The Bugatti Bolide are very luxurious sports cars. They are also extremely fast. The Bolide was first introduced in 2011 at a motor show in Switzerland. This car is powered by a 12-cylinder engine with 8,000 hp. The top speed of this car is besides than 300 mph. The Bugatti Bolides are very luxurious sports automobiles that are powered by a 12- cylinder engine with 8,000 horsepower. These cars are extremely fast and are capable of achieving speeds of up to 300 miles per hour.

Design & Features

The creation of these cars is quite unique as well. The body of these cars is covered with carbon fiber. The wheels are made out of titanium and the tires are made out of Pirelli P Zero. The interior of these cars is also very luxurious. There are leather seats, wood trim, and actually a piano.

Engine Performance

The Bolide are powered by a Veyron 16.4 L Supercharged W16 engine. This engine produces 8,000 horsepower and 1,200-pound feet of torque. The energy is transmitted to the back wheels via a 4-wheel independent suspension system. The brakes are made out of Brembo carbon ceramic discs. The Bugatti Bolide reaches with a maximum rate of 300 mph.

Bugatti Bolide


The price of the Bugatti Bolid starts at $2.5 millionHoweverthere are some special editions availableOne of these is the “Vitesse Edition”. This edition includes a number of features such as a titanium exhaust systema carbon fiber hoodand a carbon fiber roofThere are also other options available such as the “Chassis No001”. This option includes a numbered plaque and a certificate of authenticity

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