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Electric cars Audi has existed since early 1900s. These days they are lower back with an electric car that ‘s ready to take on the competition. The present day e- tron quattro is the initial all- electric vehicle inside the Audi lineup. It is also the organization ‘s first fully autonomous vehicle.

The e- tron 4 is a four door luxury sedan.

The e- tq quattro is going up against other luxury sedans like the THE BMW 7 series, Mercedes C category, and Lexus LS 460.

The theory has a range of up to 300 miles every charge.

The e- tQ quattro is powered with a li ion battery power offering you a driving range as high as 300 kilometers( 186 miles). Therefore drivers can travel more than 200 miles without demanding to stop to recharge.

Also it 's obtainable in two colors- black or white.

The e- tq quattro is also equipped with a multitude of safety features, such as a blind spot monitoring system, rear cross traffic alert, isle departure warning, and automated urgent braking. It even comes standard with a 360 degree camera that allows the driving power to see what ‘s behind them.

The e- tq also incorporates a new design which includes LED headlights and taillights.

The e- tQ quattro will be available in Europe starting at$ 53, 000 before any government incentives.

It 's powered by a lithium ion battery packs.

The e- tq 4 uses a lithium- ion battery packs that provides up to 90 miles of range. That means you will never need to be anxious about running out of ability while driving.

Electric Cars Audi Electric Cars Audi Electric Cars Audi Electric Cars Audi

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