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Hummer gmc H4 is an American full-size sport utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by General Motors since 2008. Introduced in 2007, the H4 was marketed as a luxury crossover SUV. In 2009, GM introduced the H6 model, which featured a V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. The H6 was discontinued after 2010.

Engine Type: Gasoline Direct Injection V6 3.0L (305 hp)

  • The Hummer H2 was based on the Chevrolet Tahoe chassis.
  •  The H3 was based on the GMT900 platform.
  • The H4 was based on the GMT800 platform.
  • The H5 was based on the GMT700 platform.
  • The H6 was based on the GMT600 platform.
  • The H7 was based on the GMT400 platform.
  • The H8 was based on the GMT300 platform. 
  • The H9 was based on the GMT200 platform. 
  • The H10 was based on the GMT100 platform.
  •  The H11 was based on the GMT50 platform. 
  • The H12 was based on the GMT40 platform. 
  • The H13 was based on the GMT30 platform. 
  • The H14 was based on the GMT20 platform. 
  • The H15 was based on the GMT10 platform. 
  • The H16 was based on the GMT05 platform. 
  • The H17 was based on the GMT01 platform. 
  • The H18 was based on the GMT00 platform. 
  • The H19 was based on the GMT001

Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic with Overdrive

The H4 has a standard 3.0L V6 engine producing 300hp (224kW) at 5500rpm and 260 lb/ft (353Nm) of torque at 4500rpm. This engine is mated to a six speed automatic transmission with an overdrive function. The H4 also comes equipped with four wheel independent suspension.

Hummer GMC

Wheelbase: 106.8 inches

The H4 has three rows of seating, with up to seven passengers able to sit comfortably. The third row seats fold down into the second row, allowing for more cargo space. The H4 has a total of five doors, two front and three rear.

Hummer gmc; Length: 188.9 inches

The H4 comes standard with four wheel drive, an automatic transmission, and a V8 engine. The H4 also features a full power sunroof, leather interior, heated seats, and a navigation system.

Width: 72.7 inches

The H4 has a length of 188.5 inches and a width of 72.7 inches. This makes it one of the widest SUVs available today.

Hummer GMC Hummer GMC Hummer GMC Hummer GMC
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