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Mustang Roush is a performance vehicle that comes with a V8 engine. It also has a 6 speed manual transmission.


This car is available in two different colors; red and black.

The mustang roush has a very powerful engine that produces more than 400 horsepower. It also has an automatic transmission.

What Is the Mustang ROUCH?

The mustang roush was designed by Ford Motor Company. This car is available in two different models. One model is called the Mustang ROUSH. The other one is called the Shelby GT500. Both of these cars come with a V8 engine that produces more than 350 horsepower. They also have a six speed manual transmission.

mustang roush

What Are Its Features?

The roush has a lot of features. These include an automatic climate control system, a navigation system, a rear view camera, a power sunroof, a leather interior, and much more.

What Does it Cost?

The price of the roush starts at $40,000. This includes the base model, which comes with a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine. If you want a higher horsepower engine, then you will need to pay more money.

Where Can I Buy One?

You can buy one online through Ford dealerships. They sell them as part of the Ford Performance line.

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